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Okite – High Quality Italian Quartz Worktops

Okite® is a specially engineered surfacing material, created from the perfect combination of three elements: quartz, polyester resin and natural pigments, by SEIEFFE Industrie, a 100% Italian Company – worldwide leader in the production of engineered stone slabs.

Okite® worktops are composed by up to 93% of quartz, one of the strongest and most appealing elements, and it is able to give life to a truly multi-functional surface. Highly resistant to staining, heat and scratches, five times stronger than granite, non-porous, and easy to clean, Okite® worktops do not require any particular maintenance, and can provide extra charm and allure to your kitchen.

Available in 44 unique and stylish designs, Okite® quartz worktops are one of highest quality worktops you can have in your kitchen.

Hygienic & Safe Kitchen Worktop Surface

Okite worktops are certified as a safe and hygienic product for use in food preparation areas. Its non-porous surface resists staining and prevents absorption of moisture or food which can harbor harmful bacteria. As a result, there’s no need to use any protective chemicals, making it safer for you and your family.


Easy to Clean & Maintain

Your highly attractive and durable non porous surface is extremely simple to clean and never needs sealing or polishing. It’s also less hassle to maintain than granite, marble, limestone or soapstone. For normal everyday cleaning, simply soak up with kitchen roll and wash with a soft cloth, warm water and liquid detergent.

Okite Worktops are easy to clean and maintain.

Okite Quartz Worktops Colours & Designs


Patterned range of colour-veined surfaces has all the beauty of natural marble, only far stronger and more durable.


Premium range, made in two exclusive versions; the purest of white Thassos and the stunningly elegant, white marble-look Bianco Statuario.


Powerfully vivid range of single-coloured kitchen worktops collection.


Inspired by light, this recycled glass range enriches the natural properties of quartz, creating a range of brilliant colours.


Our single-tinted range, combines warm colours with elegance and simplicity.

Pietre Preziose

Okite’s latest arrival, this precious stone-effect collection is produced in three varieties, each with a transparent core.

Scultura & BiColore & Graniti

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