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Caesarstone Quartz – Beautifully Engineered Quartz Worktops

Caesarstone is a beautifully engineered quartz stone which comprises approximately 93% natural quartz. Caesarstone quartz is a great choice for your kitchen worktops surface. With 33 colours that are stocked in the UK, Caesarstone quartz worktops offers our customers the widest possible range of designed quartz surfaces with the finest texture options available in the quartz surface industry today.​

Caesarstone Quartz worktops are non-porous, never need sealing and require minimal maintenance to keep them looking like new.

Available in 33 colours – Classico & Motivo

Classico Collection

Motivo Collection

Advantages of Caesarstone Quartz

Practical, durable, and attractive, it has significant advantages over natural stone and other surfacing materials due to its superior strength and quality.
Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone while providing the user with a durable work surface designed for ease and convenience.

Safe & Clean Kitchen Worktop surface

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are designed to offer a practical, hygienic and environmental-friendly solution for moist and humid surroundings.
Their non-porous nature makes them resistant to water and thus to mold, mildew and bacteria, making them ideal for use in humid environments, especially bathrooms, spas, wet saunas, bath houses etc.

Low Maintenance & 15 Year Warranty

The hard, non-penetrable surface makes cleaning simple and in most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent are all that are required to maintain its lustre.
Every Caesarstone quartz worktop surface comes with a comprehensive 15 year guarantee to provide further peace of mind.

Kitchen Worktops Company provides full templating and installation services for Caesarstone quartz worktops.

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