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Prima Worktops – Formica High Quality Laminate Worktops

Formica Prima® worktops are a perfect choice if you are looking for a kitchen worktop surface that is both affordable and durable. Prima Worktops are manufactured by Bushboard, one of the largest UK independent worktop manufacturers, with use of high quality Formica laminates for the ultimate performance.

Prima laminate worktops range gives you an outstanding choice with 3m and 4.1m worksurfaces, together with matching or complementary splashbacks and upstands for stylish and practical finishing touches. With 6 exciting textures (Crystal, Etchings, Gloss, Matte 58, Radiance & Riverwash) to choose from and over 60 designs with a life time warranty you really can’t go wrong.

Prima Worktops Textures – 6 Textures to choose from

Prima laminate worktop range features 6 texture types. View the photo below to select your preferred texture.
Prima Formica Laminate Worktop Textures

View full range of Prima® Radiance Texture designs

Radiance is a brand new laminate worktop texture combining a gently undulating surface with a subtle gloss element. The softly shimmering surface entices the eye and is appealing to the touch. It works beautifully on a plain colour palette of Black, white, Ice and Espresso, refracting the light to give the worksurface wonderful depth and clarity.

View full range of Prima® Gloss Texture designs

High gloss Prima laminate reflects the ambiance of polished granite stone on an affordable scale, providing a wow factor that will lift any kitchen design.

View full range of Prima® Riverwash Texture designs

Innovative to a tee, the unique Riverwash texture enhances the beautifully subtle designs to create a stunning 3D effect. If you are a fan of textured worktop surface then buy this worktop with confidence.

View full range of Prima® Crystal Texture designs

Crystal texture on Prima® surface texture offers the feel of natural stone. If you are looking for a natural stone feel in your laminate worktop, then purchase this worktop with confidence.

View full range of Prima® Etchings Texture designs

Subtle surface detail highlighted by a soft polished sheen gives an authentic granite look to the Etchings collection. If you are a fan of granite look and feel then purchase this worktop with confidence.

View full range of Prima® Matte 58 Texture designs

Matte 58 texture on Prima® surface texture is inspired by natural materials. Matte-58 worktop texture from Prima® laminate worktop range delivers a clean and modern look.

Formica Prima® Worktops Profile

All 38mm Prima work surfaces now feature our exclusive Q3 profile, giving the product a true design edge. The squarer shape with its crisp 3mm radius top and bottom, enhances stone and woodgrain designs, with an authentic slab-cut look.

High Quality Manufacturing

Formica Prima® Laminate kitchen worktops, manufactured by Bushboard using high quality Formica®, laminates gives Prima® worktops their signature quality compared to competitive products. While beautiful and stylish to look at, they are also constructed to cope with the wear and tear of everyday living. Independently tested to BS/EN438, your Bushboard worksurface is designed to withstand knocks, abrasions, chemicals, cigarette burns, steam, stains from juice, tea, wine or coffee. It is also highly resistant to heat, although we recommend the use of a protective pad as saucepan bottoms can become extremely hot.

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