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Ceramic Worktops – 100% Natural Kitchen Worktop Material

Ceramics is made of 100% natural components. It is highly valued by designers and stylists in modern home interior design. This worktop is made of ceramic slab processed at a high temperature, cut into suitable size, its edges and surface finished. Ceramic worktops are scratch resistant and are also resistant to heat and do not absorb liquids. These worktops are easy to clean and preserve their beauty for decades when properly maintained.

New 2017 Designs

Collection inspired by nature and beautiful flowing marble designs.

44 Exciting and Unique Designs

Iron Collection – 6 Designs

Among metals, iron acquires prominence associated with rusty surfaces changed by years and characterized by an aged chromatic that provides personality and beauty. Rusty models inspired in homogeneous and aggressive metals that do not vary with time. Available in six designs.

Fusion Collection – 14 Designs

The Fusion collection selects the essence of different natural stones and industrial elements; with the aim of revising, harmonising and fusing it with a more urban synthesis.
Inspiration and innovation come together in Fusion collection to reinvent construction materials such as concrete or cement with different finishes that will evoke sensations to the sight and touch.

Class Stone – 7 Designs

A collection inspired by the most exclusive marbles available in the market, enhances the beauty and functionality of any given space where it is applied thanks to its unmatched design richness and their advanced technical characteristics.

Solid Collection – 11 Designs

The Solid collection is characterised by the large variety of full-body colors, neutral and bright tones that perfectly blend with the rest of collections, as well as with other architectural elements. Available in 11 models.

Textile Collection – 2 Designs

Experience the concept of textile by creating fresh and clean atmospheres through soft and delicate worktop textures.

Timber Collection – 2 Designs

Faithfully interprets the wood, enhancing its own characteristics of a durable and textured worktop surface.

Story of Ceramic Worktops – Sintered Compact Material

The Sintered Compact Worktop Surface (Ceramic) is pioneering a revolutionary new product category, that is born in the last decade, in order to effectively respond to the most demanding architectural and interior design needs.
Ceramic worktops are a 100% natural product with extraordinary physical and mechanical characteristics that make it an ideal material for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including kitchen worktops.

To that end, ceramic kitchen worktops gives life to a surface with an extremely high level of resistance to scratches, high temperature, chemicals and UV rays; and also with quasi-zero porosity, therefore waterproof and resistant to stains. A surface with more than 40 different models to satisfy the tastes, needs and trends of any household anywhere in the world. A surface with exclusive detail-rich designs that dress a given space with a touch of class, without actually compromising at any moment its invariable durability.

Finishes – 4 Different Ceramic Worktop Finishes


Satin Finish

Satin finish has been the only option till the current moment. It is characterised by a natural matt look and a regular texture, conferring high resistance properties to the material.


Silk Finish

This finish is similar to Satin finish but its texture is softer to the touch. The smoothness is achieved through the Neolith Airless Pistol (NAP) technology granting the surface with a silky shine, that proves especially interesting for certain models in the application of interior fl›oorings, preventing stains and making easier the cleaning of the material.



This new finish is presented as an evolution of the current Riverwashed providing greater relief, depth and surface roughness. It can be compared to a brush hammered or aged finish and adds a touch of realism to models inspired by natural stones.


Polished Finish

The Polished finish adds shine, depth and a re›flection that stands out for its complete ›flatness and a touch of elegance. This finish proves ideal for line of exclusive stones Classtone but also to create amazing effects as in the case of Beton, noteworthy for the originality of mixing a concrete material with a typical finish of more classical products.

Slab Thicknesses – 3mm, 6mm & 12mm

Worktop slabs range from 3 to 12 mm. 3 mm can be used for interior cladding or furniture; 6 mm for both indoor and outdoor flooring or exterior cladding; 12mm is set aside for the most demanding product applications such as kitchen worktops.

Advanced Features of Ceramic Worktops

Ceramic worktops have some unique properties such as resistance to high temperatures, resistant to bending, resistant to wear and scratch, waterproof, easy to clean, hygenic, UV-resistant and 100% recyclable.


Cost of Ceramic Worktops

In an average kitchen size (7.2 linear meters) the cost of templating, fabrication and installation ceramic worktop would be around £3500 + VAT.

We provide full templating, fabrication and installation services for ceramic worktops throughout UK.

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