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Kitchen Taps – Find a perfect Tap for your Kitchen

Over time, kitchen taps have evolved to accommodate our fast paced living. Now you can have taps that provide instant boiling water and taps that provide water filtration.

View our range of kitchen taps by clicking on the images below.

Single Lever Taps - View our range of single lever taps

Single Lever Taps

Operated with a single lever for easy control of hot and cold water mixing.

Double Lever Taps - View our range of Double Lever Taps

Double Lever Taps

Double lever taps allow for precise control of both hot and cold water flow.

Bridge Taps - View our range of Bridge Taps for your Kitchen

Bridge Taps

Traditional choice that works well with Belfast kitchen sinks.

Pull Out Taps - View our range of Pull Out Taps for your Kitchen

Pull Out Taps

Instant jet flow water flow that you can use to quickly rinse dishes and vegetables.

Boiling Water Taps - View our range of boiling water taps for your kitchen.

Boiling Water Taps

Provide instant boiling water for all important teas and coffees without having to put the kettle on.

Filter Taps - View our range of Filter Taps

Filter Taps

Reduce water hardness as well performing further water purification.

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