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Kitchen Sinks and Taps

When choosing your kitchen sink and tap combination, it’s important to consider the size of your kitchen sink unit and also what type of kitchen worktop surface you plan to have.

With the porous kitchen worktop surfaces such as laminate and solid wood, it’s recommended to have an inset sink that sits on top of the worktop surface. With worktop surfaces such as Corian, Quartz, Granite or Ceramic you can choose undermount sinks which are mounted under the worktop surface.

View our collection of kitchen sinks and kitchen taps by choosing the options that appeal to you the most.

Our Collection of Kitchen Sinks & Taps

View our collection of sinks and taps by clicking on the images below.

Kitchen Sinks - View our Kitchen Sinks Collection

Kitchen Sinks – Inset & Undermount

View our range of inset and undermount sinks for your kitchen.

Kitchen Taps - View our Kitchen Tap Options

Kitchen Taps

Versatile choice of kitchen taps including single lever, double lever, pullout, boiling water, filter and bridge taps.

Sink Options – Inset, Undermount, Belfast or Unique

Choose between inset, undermount, belfast or our unique sinks.

Inset Kitchen Sinks - Sinks that sit on top of the kitchen worktop surface

Inset Sinks

Undermount Kitchen Sinks - Glued to the bottom of the kitchen worktop surface

Undermount Sinks

Belfast Kitchen Sinks - Made out of Ceramic and visible from the front

Belfast Sinks

Unique Kitchen Sinks

Unique Kitchen Sinks

Tap Options – Single Lever, Double Lever, Bridge, Pull Out & Boiling Water Taps

Choose between single lever, double lever, bridge, pullout, boiling water or filter taps.

Single Lever Taps - View our range of single lever taps

Single Lever Taps

Double Lever Taps - View our range of Double Lever Taps

Double Lever Taps

Bridge Taps - View our range of Bridge Taps for your Kitchen

Bridge Taps

Pull Out Taps - View our range of Pull Out Taps for your Kitchen

Pull Out Taps

Boiling Water Taps - View our range of boiling water taps for your kitchen.

Boiling Water Taps

Filter Taps - View our range of Filter Taps

Filter Taps

Sink and Taps Brands We Offer

Our sinks and taps offering includes all of the most popular sink and taps brands in the UK.

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