New 2017 Egger MFC Kitchen Doors Collection by Two Tone Kitchens

At start of 2017 Egger has launched 44 new designs and here at Two Tone Kitchens we are proud to announce addition of 44 new designs to our Egger MFC kitchen doors collections.

Our Best Value Egger MFC kitchen doors collection enables you to create your unique and dream kitchen by choosing from 140 available designs.

From 2017 to 2019 you can expect increased trend of two tone kitchen combinations where single solid colour is used in combination with authentic and rustic wood effect kitchen doors.

One of the most popular kitchen colour schemes this year will be usage of grey wood effect colours as well as light wood effect designs with rustic features such as cracks and knots.

44 New Egger designs are perfect answer for this growing trend as it not only looks great but allows you to create your dream kitchen on a budget.

Egger 2017 – 2019 Promotional Video

View our latest Egger MFC Kitchen Door decors

To view our new 2017-2019 Egger designs clicking on desired range below.

Best Value Solid Colours Egger MFC Kitchen Doors Collection

Solid Colours

Great choice for subtle and warm kitchen decors. Available in 32 single tone colours in both light and dark shades.

Dark Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors

Dark Wood Grain Collection

Dark wood effect collection consisting of 18 dark wood grain effects. Great choice for strong contrasting two tone combinations.

Best Value Rustic Wood Grain MFC Kitchen Doors

Rustic Wood Grain Collection

All the imperfections of natural wood is what make this collection perfect. If you love the natural look of timber then this collection is for you.

Light Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors

Light Wood Grain Collection

Most popular European light wood designs are featured in this collection. Most subtle and least intrusive wood grain designs.

Premium Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors

Premium Wood Grain Collection

Unique collection of premium wood grain design featuring 43 design options. Features wood effect designs from all over the world.

Exotic Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors Collection

Exotic Wood Collection

Most exotic and premium looking collection of wood effect kitchen doors. If you are looking for wood effect designs that really stick out then this collection is for you.

If you are looking to buy our Egger MFC kitchen doors then give us a call on 0121 663 1535.