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Materials – Innovative Kitchen Door Materials

Here at Two Tone kitchens, we go a step further. With us, not only do you choose a colour but you can choose your desired material too. Innovative kitchen door materials such as acrylic, concrete, ceramic, glass & unique wood veneers create the foundation of our kitchen ranges.

Choose your Kitchen Door Material

Kitchen doors can be made out of lots of different materials and we have different types of doors to suit every budget.

Acrylic Kitchen Doors Online

Acrylic Kitchen Doors

Choose between matt or high gloss acrylic kitchen doors. Made to measure with quick lead times.

Vinyl Kitchen Doors Online

Vinyl Kitchen Doors

Most versatile vinyl kitchen door range available in over 53 door styles in modern designs.

MFC Kitchen Doors Online

MFC Kitchen Doors

Best value MFC Kitchen doors with over 130 designs to choose from. Made to measure and four edged door.

Lacquered Kitchen Doors Online

Lacquered Kitchen Doors

Exclusive, dynamic lacquered kitchen door range. Four lacquered finishes in 24 different door styles.

Wood Veneer Kitchen Doors Online

Wood Veneer Kitchen Doors

Premium wood veneer kitchen door collection of finest wood types.
Exclusive and premium finishes.

Glass Kitchen Doors Online

Glass Kitchen Doors

Real glass kitchen door available in any colour of your choice. Available in matt or high gloss finish.

Concrete Kitchen Doors Online

Concrete Kitchen Doors

Unique concrete kitchen door made by concrete being hand applied to the front of the door. Exclusive and premium.

Ceramic Kitchen Doors Online

Ceramic Kitchen Doors

Ultra modern ceramic kitchen door collection made out of Sintered Compact surface. Unrivaled durability.

Kitchen Door Materials - Wood

Wood – Natural & Beautiful

Wood has been used for thousands of years as a decorative & construction material.

Being a natural and organic material, it creates beautiful textures and patterns in a kitchen. We offer over 50 wood veneer options for you kitchen.

From popular Oak to more unique wood types such as Palisander, our wood collection will leave you breathless.

Available in 8 different finishes & textures.

Click to View our Wood Veneer Collection
Kitchen Door Material - Ceramic

Ceramic – Ultra Durable & Unique

Ceramics is made of 100% natural components. Unrivaled in its quality & durability, our ceramic kitchen range is a finish that speaks of prestige and style.

Result of advanced development our ceramic kitchen doors are highly durable, resistant, fireproof & scratch resistant.

Full of charm with unique texture, our ceramic kitchen range is one of most modern kitchen door materials you can choose.

Click to View our Ceramic Collection
Kitchen Door Material - Glass

Glass – Reflective & Minimal

Glass is one of the oldest man made materials. Since first found in chambers of Egyptian kings we have learned to love glass.

Glass material is known for its sleek and modern look and has in recent time found its rightful place in kitchens.

What makes glass a great choice for your kitchen is its advanced properties such as ease of cleaning, durability & non porous nature.

Available in matt & high gloss finish.

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Painted in Any Colour – RAL Library

Our colour library is only limited by your imagination. We offer a full custom painted service for most of our kitchen ranges. Choose between high gloss, matt or metallic kitchen door finish.

RAL colour library consists of 8023 colours.

By using only the most sophisticated paint combined with hand painted service, our painted finishes provide colours of full depth and strength.

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Kitchen Door Material - Acrylic

Acrylic – Durable & Reflective

Our acrylic kitchen doors are the finest quality high gloss kitchen doors & drawers on the market. Acrylic doors are extremely easy to clean, maintain & have excellent hygienic properties.

The non porous nature of acrylic allows you to get creative in kitchen without having to worry.

High gloss finish is applied to both the front and back of the doors making our acrylic kitchen doors truly ultra modern and luxurious.

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Kitchen Door Material - Concrete

Concrete – Minimal & Textured

Use of concrete spans as far back as 5000 years where it was first used in Egyptian Pyramids. In recent times it’s gained rapid popularity in the interior design. Texture & look of concrete creates unique, modern & minimal kitchen decor.

Our concrete doors feature 6 different designs.

Concrete is a type of material that looks aesthetically pleasing with all sorts of different types of materials & textures.

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