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Modern Kitchens

Our bespoke modern kitchens are built on a clean contemporary look, balanced colours and the use of carefully selected unique materials & finishes. Innovative materials & finishes create modern kitchen decor with European true handleless kitchen look.


High Gloss

“Reflective Modern & Elegant Kitchens”



“Handle-less Streamlined Modern Kitchens”



“Uniquely Striking & Beautiful “



“Slick & Reflective Kitchens”

Modern Kitchen with Concrete Door - La Beton Collection


“Unique, Compelling & Minimal “

Modern Matt Kitchen With Subtle Frame


“Matt Modern Classic”

Modern Painted Plywood Kitchen Collection


“Painted and Natural “

Real Stone Kitchens Collection

Real Stone

“Textured Real Stone”

Designer Kitchens – Fully Bespoke Handmade Kitchens

All of kitchens are 100% bespoke and custom designed to your requirements. We offer almost unlimited number of customisations & design options.

Personalised Kitchen Design Services

Personalised Designs

With strong influence of European trends we create kitchen layouts that work for you and your lifestyle.

Bespoke Hand Made Designer Kitchens

Unique Bespoke Details

Each one of our kitchens is bespoke hand made with ability to customise any part of your kitchen.

Unique Door Materials & Finishes

Unique Door Materials

Our strive for innovation enables us to offer our customers some of the most unique & premium materials available.

Custom Made Kitchen Units in Any Design/Colour

Custom Made Kitchen Units

Kitchen units are custom made with your desired design. Choose from over 112 designs for your kitchen carcass.

Large Selection of Kitchen Worktop Surfaces

Worktop Options

Worktops are fabricated in house for our customers. Choose acrylic, quartz, granite, solid wood or ceramic surface for your kitchen.

Functional Kitchens with Appliances

High Quality Appliances

Appliances add functionality to your kitchen. We offer versatile choice of appliances brands which include Miele, Siemens, NEFF etc.

Create your Own True Handleless Kitchen – Unlimited Choice of Kitchen Doors

Here at Two Tone Kitchens we have one of the largest true handleless kitchen door collections in the UK, so feel free to create your own two tone kitchen door combinations.

High Gloss Kitchen Doors Online - Wide Choice of High Gloss Kitchen Doors Online

High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Wide range of high gloss kitchen doors including acrylic, lacquered, handleless, vinyl, wood veneer & glass kitchen doors.

Matt Kitchen Doors Online - Wide Choice of Matt Kitchen Doors Online

Matt Kitchen Doors

Made to measure matt vinyl, acrylic, handleless, lacquered & MFC kitchen doors collections.

Handleless Kitchen Doors Online

Handleless Kitchen Doors

J-Pull profile handleless kitchen doors available in both matt & high gloss finishes. Bespoke painted and made to measure available.

Matt Acrylic Bespoke Made Kitchen Doors Collection

Acrylic Kitchen Doors

Choose between matt or high gloss acrylic kitchen doors. Made to measure with quick lead times.

Lacquered Kitchen Doors Online

Lacquered Kitchen Doors

Exclusive, dynamic lacquered kitchen door range. Four lacquered finishes in 24 different door styles.

MFC Kitchen Doors - Made out of Egger MFC

MFC Kitchen Doors

Best value MFC Kitchen doors with over 130 designs to choose from. Made to measure sizes and with matching edges.

High Gloss Vinyl Kitchen Doors Collection

Vinyl Kitchen Doors

Most versatile vinyl kitchen door range available in over 53 door styles in modern designs.

Wood Veneer Kitchen Doors Online

Wood Veneer Kitchen Doors

Premium wood veneer kitchen door collection of finest wood types.
Exclusive and premium finishes.

Kitchen Door Materials

With Two Tone Kitchens you are not just limited to a choice of colour, with us you can choose your desired kitchen door material too.
Our innovative material options include unique wood veneers, ceramic, glass, concrete, pure acrylic & any colour of your imagination.

“Innovative Kitchen Door Materials & Finishes”

Our guide to Modern Kitchens

Here are our top 6 tips that you can use to create a very modern kitchen. Introduce two tone design, combined with modern splashbacks, built in appliances, open plan design & by using unique door materials & finishes.

Modern Kitchen with Two Tone Desing

Two Tones

Get creative by choosing two colours/designs that work really well together.

Modern Kitchen with Glass Splashback

Modern Splashbacks

Using glass or acrylic splashbacks creates very modern kitchen decor.

Modern Kitchen with Built in Appliances

Built in Appliances

Appliances integrated into kitchen create seamless & contemporary style.

Modern Kitchen With Open Plan Design

Open Plan

Open plan adds instant modern & contemporary feel.

Modern Kitchen with Wood Grain Design

Wood Designs

Combine wood with solid colours for ultimate contemporary European design.


Unique Materials

Be daring and choose unique materials such as ceramic or glass for your kitchen.

Interior Design 3D Rendering Services

Full 3D Interior Design Service

With an increasing trend of open plan living, we now provide a full 3D interior design rendering package. Our 3D rendering package creates a complete realistic preview of how your kitchen comes together with rest of your living space.

One of the advantages of using our interior design service is that it helps you visualise that harmonious living space you have always been looking for.

3D Interior Design Service

Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2016/2017

If you are looking to create modern kitchen in 2016/2017 then consider creating unique & minimal kitchen space using our tips below.

Kitchen Design Trends 2016 - 2017 - Large Kitchen Islands

Large Islands – Feature Kitchen Islands

Large kitchen islands are becoming heart of your kitchen. Not only used for cooking your kitchen islands have become a place for your family to get together.

In 2016/2017 you can expect islands to feature seating area and often combination of two worktop materials such as quartz & wood to create pleasant and warm dining section.

Another increasing trend will be inclusion of hobs into kitchen islands allowing you to cook and prepare food while facing your family.

Kitchen Design Trends 2016 - 2017 - Shelving

Kitchen Shelving – Open Personalised Space

Creating an open shelving area in your kitchen allows you to truly personalised your kitchen space. Kitchen shelving is a great way to display your styling items and create less crowded kitchen layouts.

Another great feature of kitchen shelving is that it allows you to maximise storage capacity in your kitchen. Integrate lighting into bottom of the shelves to create beautiful ambient but also to bring attention to items that mean a lot to you such as family photos or dining sets.

We are able to create kitchen shelves of any size or thickness in over 120 wood grain or solid colour designs.

Kitchen Design Trends 2016-2017 - True Handless & Push to Open

Handleless – True Handleless & Push to Open

To create true contemporary kitchen opt for minimal handleless look. Choose between true handleless or push to open styles to create beautiful linear and uniform kitchen decor.

True handleless design is created using an aluminum finger rail which is routed into the kitchen cabinets. This is a more premium and luxurious handleless design.

Push to open uses spring mechanism that opens the door with gentle push on to the door front. We also offer push to open drawer mechanisms that are 100% mechanical.

Kitchen Design Trends 2016-2017 - Combination of Materials & Textures

Combination of Materials & Textures

Kitchens are no longer dominated by one colour, finish & texture.

In 2016/2017 you can expect to see combination of materials and textures used much more often. In particular introduction of wood effect designs will be used to create more natural, bespoke & warm environment.

We offer over 120 wood effect designs & unlimited choice of lacquered kitchen dooors in four different finishes.

Create your ideal two tone or three tone kitchen combinations.


Smart Kitchens

Technological advances affect every part of our home and kitchen ares are no different. In 2016/2017 we can expect to see increase in creation of smart kitchens.
This would include use of digital scales, wireless chargers, smart sinks & taps, downdraft extractors, new look extractor fans & use of boiling water taps.

When it comes to innovation we can expect to see large rise in use of self cleaning ovens. The smart pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle heats the oven to 480 degrees which turns any dirt inside the oven to ash which you can simply wipe away.

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