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Metal Kitchens – Bronze, Copper & Steel Kitchen Doors

Latest in kitchen design trend our metal kitchens range is ideal for customers looking for bronze, copper or steel kitchen door design.

Beautiful metal kitchen look is achieve by use of special metal lacquers to create popular alternative to actual metal fascias kitchen doors. We offer choice of 5 different metal options and available in 3 different finishes.

What separates our metal kitchens is depth of character and authentic metal surface finish. Deep and raw metallic finishes consist of brushed, stippled and structured textures with option to choose bronze, copper, light steel, mild steel or dark steel tones.

For that ultra premium metal look choose our metal kitchens range.

Ultra Modern & Striking

With new industrial influence in kitchen decors our metal lacquered kitchen doors create prestige & bold look. Individual texture of each door make each kitchen totally unique. Metals such as copper, bronze and steel are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen areas.

Each door is hand lacquered creating a very modern kitchen theme.

Metal Effect Kitchen Door - Stipples Steel Finish

Handleless Door Design

Our metal lacquer kitchen door range is a true handleless range. Available in 2 variants. In slab or chamfered door profiles.

All doors are available made to order specifically manufactured for your kitchen. Available in any bespoke size with maximum size of doors & panels at 2400mm x 1200mm.

Handleless Kitchen with Metal Kitchen Doors

Unique Texture and Pattern Design

Our design pallet is created to cater for all current desirable metal finishes. Each door is hand lacquered and each of the texture is totally random. Stippled effect creates textured metal look with great consistency. Our structured finish creates pressed metal look with lots of character. The brushed finish is linear but random in appearance.

Choose bronze, copper, light steel, mild steel or dark steel colour.

Unique Metal Lacquered Kitchen Door Texture & Profiles

Available in Five Designs with Three Different Finishes in Each

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