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Matt Kitchens – Matt Opaco Frame Kitchen Collection

Matt kitchens are effortlessly stylish and rich in quality and elegance. What makes our Matt Opaco Frame kitchen collection unique is the subtle, minimal frame. A timeless high quality lacquered product combined with elegant detailing, gives an enduring atmosphere of classic design and luxurious modern living.

Available in 15 colours with the option to choose any colour you desire from RAL colour library.

Unique & Modern Door Style Kitchen

Minimally intrusive narrow frame slab door creates modern kitchen decor. The unique door style is combined with functional touch to open/push to open mechanisms creating a handleless style kitchen.

By combining open shelf kitchen design with minimal frame, our Matt Opaco kitchen range achieves ultra modern look. Available in an unlimited choice of colours and a standard pallet of 15 tones.

Bespoke Modern Matt Kitchen with small frame on the door

Premium Matt Lacquered Finish

Our Matt Opaco kitchen collection features a premium matt lacquered finish. A matt door finish is achieved by spraying the door with several layers of structured paint lacquer. The hand spraying process creates kitchen door with no visible edging.

High quality lacquered door finishes are durable, easy to clean, and available in an unlimited range of colours.

Unique Matt Kitchen Door with interesting profile

Modern Design & Two Tone Combinations

Combine two different matt tones in your kitchen to create a modern two tone kitchen. Matt finish is subtle and as such it works well with other type of materials such as acrylic, wood or ceramic.

Each kitchen door is bespoke made and hand painted so you can choose any colour combination or a single colour tone for your kitchen.

Versatile Matt Kitchen Door - Painted in any Colour

Unique Matt Colour Selection

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