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Matt Kitchens – Lacquered, Acrylic, Fenix NTM & Glass

Matt kitchens are effortlessly stylish and rich in quality and elegance. What makes our matt kitchen collections unique is the subtle, minimal & super fine matt finish. A timeless high quality matt kitchens provide atmosphere of modern design and luxurious modern living.

Matt Lacquered Kitchens Collection


“Lacquered in Any Colour”

Matt Acrylic Kitchens Collection


“Affordable and Durable”

Fenix NTM Matt Kitchens Collection

Fenix NTM

“Self Healing Nano Material”

Matt Framed Lacquered Kitchens Collection

Matt Framed

“Subtle Framed Style”

Matt Inframe Kitchens Collection

Matt In-frame

“Modern Inframe”

Matt Plywood Kitchens Collection


“Natural & Exposed”

Matt J-Pull Lacquered Kitchens Collection

Lacquered J-Pull

“Simple & Practical”

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