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Smoked Glass Italian Kitchens

Create the feel of truly open space kitchen design using our smoked glass kitchen doors. Subtle glass tinted doors create very luxurious appearance in your kitchen by allowing semi-transparent view into the kitchen cabinets.

Available in wall unit, base units and tall unit sizes with aluminium frame that holds the glass.

Luxurious Appearance & Style

Reflective and transparent features of glass kitchen doors create luxurious and stylish appearance.

Our smoked glass featured kitchen doors almost bridge the gap between household furniture and kitchen furniture.

The open feature cabinets create ambient of very open plan kitchen design.

Image on the right features full height glass kitchen doors in combination with matte graphite lacquered kitchen finish.

Luxurious Kitchen Doors made out of Glass

Glass Kitchen Doors with Aluminium Frame

Our smoked glass kitchen doors are built into 35mm aluminium frame with integrated handle.

Choose between smoked or 4mm stopsol glass.

Stopsol glass is a hard-coated glass with an exceptionally high solar control rating, making it the perfect choice for our glass doors.

Small integrated handle allows for easy opening of tall cabinets with glass door fronts.

Glass Kitchen Doors in Aluminium Frame

Combine with Other Materials

Glass is one of those materials that works in harmony with all other type of materials and finishes.

Combine our glass kitchen doors with matt, high gloss, wood, stone or concrete doors to create ultimate luxurious kitchen.

Photo on the right features tall glass door fronts with matte lacquered kitchen doors and high gloss lacquered kitchen island in leaf green colour.

Glass Kitchen Doors in Combination with Matte Finish Kitchen Doors
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