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Metal Kitchen Door Finishes

Using special type of liquid metal finishes we are able to create striking and unique metal kitchen doors.

Some of available finishes include stainless steel, gunmetal, titanium, pewter, copper, bronze, brass and many more metal effects.

Powerful & Striking Finishes

Create a statement by using our metal kitchen door finishes. The unique and bold nature of the finish creates kitchen decor that has timeless appearance.

Metal finishes work in harmony with other type of materials such as wood, concrete, stone, lacquer, acrylic & glass.

Metal Kitchen Doors with Rustic Wood Shelving

Unique Type of Finishes & Effects

Add special effects to our metal kitchen doors collection by enhancing the look and feel using our specialist techniques such as oxidation or patination to create aged look & feel.

Image on the right features stainless steel effect door in oxidised finish.

We are also able to create antique brass, pewter & copper kitchen door finishes.

Unique Kitchen Door Profiles

Authentic & Made to Measure

Our metal kitchen doors are bespoke made and available in made to measure sizes.

Each of the finishes is totally authentic and using techniques such as brushing we are able to create totally unique finishes.

As each door is bespoke made and hand lacquered no two doors can ever be the same.

Authentic Metal Kitchen Door Finishes
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