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Stella – Natural & Painted Oak In-frame Kitchen

Traditional farmhouse British inframe kitchen with ‘Craft’ moulding doors on traditional butt hinges. The Stella inframe range captures traditional farmhouse features with modern open elements.

For years, Natural oak has been the timber of choice in kitchen door manufacturing as it withstands the test of time as well as providing a natural look & feel.

Great choice if you are looking for a traditional British countryside decor kitchen.

Traditional & Classic Design

Stella is our beautiful Edwardian traditional designed kitchen, with classic design aspects such as mantel shown in the photo. Designed to capture a very traditional farmhouse style of kitchen setting.

Our Stella kitchen range is a true British range both manufactured and design in UK.

Traditional Design & Features - Stella Inframe Kitchen

Unique Features

In true British countryside decor, our Stella natural oak kitchen range features open end island kitchen units. This elegant natural oak solid wood in-frame painted kitchen is a timeless classic that would look stunning in old or new homes alike. The over mantle features help to create a traditional look, whilst the central island unit provides additional space for food preparation and storage.

Open End Island Unit - Traditional Kitchen

Natural or Painted Finish

Choose between natural or painted oak finish. With painted oak, the natural timber grain will always be visible creating a beautiful texture in a colour you desire. Being a true bespoke in-frame range our Stella kitchens can be supplied in any colour you choose. Offering a complete colour matching and selection from RAL colour pallet.

Create a kitchen with two different tones for a traditional yet modern inframe kitchen.

Hand Painted Finish - Stella Inframe Kitchen

Available in 21 Inspirational Colours or Create your Own

Choose from our 21 inspirational kitchen colours. We provide a full colour matching service for our Stella in-frame kitchen range or choose any colour you desire from RAL colour library.

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