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Nerva – Hand Painted In-Frame Kitchen Collection

Nerva is our classic smooth & simple inframe hand painted kitchen range. Imposing, desirable & smooth curved type of design, creates a lasting classic impression.

Made out of a combination of Tulip Wood frame with MDF door & centre panel allows for a premium looking, smooth painted finish.

Framed end panels, profiled plinths together with smooth hand painted finish, make our Nerva inframe kitchens truly classical.

Traditional Classic Design

Nerva is our simple shaker style inframe kitchen with a smooth hand painted finish. For customers who are after a beautiful classic inframe look, our Nerva kitchen range is the perfect option.

Very elegant bespoke inframe kitchen range with a strong and long lasting colour pallet or the choice of any colour you desire.

Modern Inframe Kitchen Design

Curved Doors & Shapes

Choose between a square or curved inframe kitchen design by selecting our Nerva classic inframe shaker range. What makes our Nerva kitchen range unique, are framed end panels which offer differentiation from plain or T&G panelling options.

To further enhance classical look of your kitchen, our Nerva comes with profiles plinths.

Curved Kitchen Door - Inframe Kitchen

Unique Hand Painted Finish

Using MDF as the door and centre panel material provides Nerva range with a unique smooth painted finish. Being a 100% bespoke range, each door is individually made for your kitchen as well as hand painted in the colour of your choice.

Choose two different colours to create a classic and long lasting two tone inframe kitchen.

Unique Hand Painted Finish on Inframe Kitchen

Available in 21 Inspirational Colours or Create your Own

Choose your desired colour from our exclusive 21 unique & warm colour library. All of our inframe kitchen ranges can be supplied in any colour of your choice.

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