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Geta – Slab Painted In-Frame Kitchen Collection

In-frame kitchen for the contemporary purists who love the look of traditional inframe kitchens but would also like a minimally intrusive door design. Subtle corner curves soften the edges to create a very modern sleek kitchen. Open wall units add to overall openness of your kitchen which makes it ideal for open plan settings.

Exclusive & unique colour pallet with the option to choose and specify any colour you desire. Smooth painted finish that can withstand all the realities of modern kitchens. Combine two tones that work well together for an exclusive and modern inframe kitchen with straight slab doors.

Subtle curves with minimal door design make our Geta slab inframe range, a truly classic traditional kitchen with a contemporary look and feel.

Modern & Elegant Design

Single piece slab in-frame kitchen doors will create a beautiful modern in-frame kitchen. Subtle corner curves take away the traditional sharpness found in in-frame kitchens, creating a very elegant kitchen decor.

Choose from our 21 warm colours to create a very unique & modern inframe kitchen.


Two Tone Combination

Why stick with just one dominant tone when your Geta inframe range is totally bespoke. Choose two colours that work well together to create a beautiful contrast between the front part and back part of your kitchen.

With the option to choose any custom colour you desire, our Geta inframe range offer unlimited number of colour combinations.

Inframe Two Tone Kitchen with Linear Doors

Open Wall Units

Open wall units not only look great but add to your overall open kitchen setting.

Open frame systems are used to create easily accessible storage space, and break the run of an enclosed unit creating a kitchen that just looks perfect for your new extension or large kitchen area.


Available in 21 Inspirational Colours or Create your Own

Choose any colour from our 21 inspiration colour library or create your own. We provide a full colour matching service for our Geta in-frame kitchen range.

Door Construction & Technical Information

Tulip wood 30mm frame with door and drawers made out of MDF.

18mm thick slab in-frame kitchen door with four different frame and hinge options.

Traditional style door with modern contemporary twist.

Painted MDF surface creates fine smooth and clean painted finish.

Linear Slab Inframe Kitchen Door - Geta
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