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In-frame Kitchens – Timeless Traditional Kitchens

What makes in-frame kitchens different from classic types of kitchens, is that the door frame is attached to the front of the kitchen carcass & the kitchen door sits and opens within the frame. As the door sits in the frame, it will not drop over time as it has no where to go.

In-frame kitchen design carries a certain amount of traditional, timeless appeal & quality.

View our unique in-frame kitchen ranges below.

In-Frame Bespoke Kitchen Range - Caesar

Caesar – Bespoke In-Frame Kitchen

Caesar is our unique bespoke painted finish, in-frame, luxury kitchen range.

Available in 21 beautiful & unique colours with the option to choose and specify any colour you desire. Specially formulated paint provides the door finish which is emphatically sophisticated, communicative and compelling.

Take advantage of our premium in-frame Caesar range to create a two tone effect kitchen for ultimate traditional & luxurious decor.

View Caesar In-frame Range

Slab Painted In-Frame Kitchen Range

Geta – Slab Painted In-Frame Kitchen

In-frame kitchen for the contemporary purists who love the look of inframe kitchens but would like minimal look and feel.

Exclusive & unique colour pallet with the option to choose and specify any colour you desire. Smooth painted finish that can withstand all the realities of a modern kitchen.

Subtle curves with minimal design make our Geta slab inframe range a truly classic traditional kitchen with a contemporary look and feel.

View Geta In-frame Range

Painted Oak In-Frame Kitchen Range - Carus

Carus – Painted or Solid Oak In-Frame Kitchen

Very British traditional painted or solid oak in-frame kitchen range. Crafted out of the finest natural oak with fine beading detailing and butt hinges.

Available in Natural solid oak finish or any colour you desire. Natural Oak kitchens are strong & durable – both warm, natural and full of character.

If you love the natural designs, textured finishes then our Carus In-frame Oak range is the ideal choice for you.

View Carus In-frame Range

Natural Oak In-Frame Kitchen Range - Stella

Stella – Farmhouse Natural Oak In-Frame Kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse British inframe kitchen with ‘Craft’ moulding doors on traditional butt hinges. Stella inframe range captures traditional farmhouse features with modern open elements.

For years, Natural oak has been the timber of choice in kitchen door manufacturing as it withstands the test of time as well as providing a natural look & feel.

Great choice if you are looking for a traditional British countryside decor kitchen.

View Stella In-frame Range

Hand Painted In-Frame Shaker Kitchens - Nerva

Nerva – Hand Painted In-Frame Kitchen

Nerva is our classic smooth & simple inframe, hand painted kitchen range. Imposing, desirable & smooth curved type of design creates a lasting impression.

Made out of a combination of Tulip Wood frame with MDF door & the centre panel allows for a premium, smooth looking paint finish.

Framed end panels, profiled plinth together with a smooth finish, makes our Nerva inframe hand painted kitchens truly classical.

View Nerva In-frame Range

Available in 21 Inspirational Colours or Create your Own

Choose your desired colour from our exclusive 21 unique & warm colour library. All of our inframe kitchen ranges can be supplied in any colour of your choice.

Recommended Door Handles

For added inspiration have a look at our top 17 handle options for in-frame kitchens.

Why choose our inframe kitchens?

Combining the best of British design together with Italian manufacturing, all of our in-frame kitchen ranges are bespoke made to measure products for your new luxury kitchen. We not only follow the latest fashion trends but we create them too. With an unlimited set of colours, designs and features our in-frame ranges are one of the highest quality kitchens you can find in the UK market.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider our in-frame kitchens for your new kitchen.


British Design & Italian Manufacturing


Bespoke Sizes & Unlimited Finishes


Latest Trends & Premium Features


Three Weeks Lead Time from Start to Finish

Buy In-frame Kitchen Doors Online – Over 20 High End In-frame Kitchen Doors

On top of our premium in-frame kitchen collection, we also offer over 20 different types of in-frame kitchen doors.

Inspired by handcrafted tradition and designs from the Georgian and Victorian periods, our in-frame collection has a large collection of inframe doors for both modern and traditional kitchens.

Available in 25 colours or if you’re looking for something a little bit different we provide a colour matching and paint to order service.

Buy In-frame Kitchen Doors Online

Buy High Quality In-frame Kitchen Doors Online
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