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Vanir – High Gloss Lacquered Kitchen Range

Vanir is our ultimate luxury high gloss kitchen range. Modern and elegant while fully bespoke, it has all the custom options that make the Vanir kitchen range an ideal choice for your new inspiring & modern kitchen.

In its standard options it offers 15 standard colours, 6 metallic & 32 luxury wood veneer variations. We also provide a complete bespoke colour matching service. Available in 3 finish options: high gloss, matt satin & exquisite Piano high gloss finish which uses 5 layers of lacquer to create that ultimate mirrored gloss finish.

Unique Premium Wooden Finishes

Combine wood with solid colours to add further character to your modern kitchen. Our Vanir range offers 32 different premium wood variations & textures for you to choose from.

We also provide book-matching using veneered wood fronts in both vertical & horizontal directions. Book matched veneer is achieved by slicing wood and every other sliced sheet is turned over to create a match. The wood grains always match in the places where they join.

Premium and Unique Wooden Kitchen Doors

Sophisticated Door Edge Profiles

Being a 100% bespoke kitchen range our Vanir kitchen doors can be supplied in several different door profiles. Solid & Metallic colours can be supplied in J-Pull handle, Undercut, Slab, Chamfer & Vertical bevelled edge profiles. Wood veneered options are offered in J-pull, Slab, Chamfer, and Vertical bevelled edge profiles.

45 Degree Unique Kitchen Door Edge Profile

Modern Kitchen Storage Options

Kitchens are one of the places where for some reason we always have more things than we require. To help you make the most out of the space available, our Vanir high gloss kitchen range comes with a wide range of modern kitchen storage options.

From pull out storage units to wire carousels, we can help you get most out of your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Storage Options

Solid Colours

We picked 15 modern solid colours to help you create your dream kitchen. At only 10% surcharge we offer full colour matching service, so if you don’t see the colour you like; let us make it for you.


Six beautiful and modern metallic colours to choose from.

Unique Wood

Combine character and natural wood to create a two tone (two character) kitchen. 32 unique premium wood veneered options with several different textured finishes.

Door Construction & Technical Information

Available in solid colour, wood veneer or metallic finish. 22mm kitchen door available in 3 different door profiles which include slab, J-pull and chamfer.

Made out of MDF coor and 8 times lacquered to create true colour depth and shine.

Also available in exclusive piano lacquered finish which uses 10 layers of lacquer.

Piano Lacquered Kitchen Door - Vanir
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