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High Gloss Kitchens – Lacquered, Acrylic, Wood Veneer & Glass High Gloss Kitchens

High gloss kitchens are defined by a high gloss door finish. A high gloss finish enhances the depth of your kitchen which is created by high light reflection kitchen door surface.

Our high gloss lacquered kitchens are manufactured by applying several layers of high gloss lacquer to the door, creating a beautiful premium finish. We also supply high gloss acrylic kitchens which are made out of the highest quality plastic and sanded to a high gloss finish.

High gloss kitchen doors are durable, easy to clean, provide great light reflective qualities & can be manufactured to any colour of your choice.

High Gloss Lacquered Kitchens Collection


“Lacquered in Any Colour”

High Gloss Acrylic Kitchens Collection


“Affordable and Durable”


Wood Veneer

“Premium and Natural”

High Gloss Exotic Wood Veneer Kitchens Collection

Exotic Veneer

“Exotic and Unique”

High Gloss Solid Acrylic Kitchens Collection

Solid Acrylic

“100% Acrylic and Repairable”


Real Glass

“Durable and Timeless”

Create Your Own True Handleless Kitchen – High Gloss Kitchen Doors Collection

Here at Two Tone Kitchens we have one of the largest high gloss handleless kitchen door collections in the UK, so feel free to create your own high gloss two tone kitchen door combinations.

High Gloss Metallic Lacquered Kitchen Doors

High Gloss Lacquered Kitchen Doors

Sophisticated collection of made to measure lacquered doors.
Available in any colour of your choice.

High Gloss Vinyl Made to Measure Kitchen Doors

High Gloss Vinyl Kitchen Doors

Durable High Gloss vinyl kitchen door collection consisting of 16 modern colours. Available in over 53 door styles.

High Gloss Real Glass Kitchen Doors

Real Glass Kitchen Doors

Premium and exclusive real glass kitchen doors available in made to measure sizes. Available in any colour.

High Gloss Wood Veneer Kitchen Doors

High Gloss Wood Veneer Kitchen Doors

Beautiful wood veneer collection available in high gloss lacquered finish. Natures finest timber collection.

High Gloss Acrylic Made to Measure Kitchen Doors

High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Doors

Affordable high gloss made to measure acrylic kitchen doors collection. Choose between matching or glass effect edging.

High Gloss J Pull Handleless Kitchen Doors

High Gloss J-Pull Handleless Kitchen Doors

Popular J-pull high gloss handleless kitchen door collection. Seven modern and elegant colours.

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