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Glass Kitchens – Minimal Handleless Glass Kitchen Doors

Glass is one of the oldest man made materials. Since first found in chambers of Egyptian kings, we have learned to love glass. Glass material is known for its sleek and modern look and has, in recent time, found its rightful place in kitchens.

What makes glass a great choice for your kitchen, are its advanced properties such as ease of cleaning, durability & non porous nature.

Our glass kitchen doors enhance a 3D depth effect to your kitchen due to its reflective nature. Available in gloss & satin finish using acid etching method and in an unlimited choice of colours.

Ultra Modern & Striking

Choose our glass kitchen range for exquisite, elegant & timeless kitchen. Select either a satin or gloss look for an exceptional & luxurious looking kitchen. With an unlimited choice of colours and our ability to supply any size door between 2400mm x 1200mm, our glass kitchen range is totally bespoke.
Glass works well with all types of materials due to its unique look and characteristics. Combine glass with other materials for an ultra modern kitchen setting.

Modern Glass Kitchen with White Glass Doors

Handleless Door Design

Our glass kitchen range is a true handleless range. Choose between 3 different profiles such as slab door, J-pull handle or undercut handle. Being a true handleless kitchen range it keeps the smooth and unique appearance of glass doors.

Handleless look is most effective on kitchen islands in open rooms/extensions as it becomes focal point of your kitchen.

Glass Kitchen Door in Opaco Satin Finish

Unique Look & Feel

There is something visceral and unspoken about the attraction of glass. A material for those who are not willing to compromise, who seek perfection in everything they do. Hard but tactile, utilitarian but beautiful, a product full of paradoxes but ultimately stunning and desirable.

Smooth to touch texture with great reflection values will make your kitchen look likes its just arrived from the future.

Kitchen Island With Glass-Doors

Available in Two Different Finishes and Unlimited Choice of Colours

Choose from nine standard gloss finishes or from eight satin finishes. Clear glass is used for gloss finish and acid etched glass for satin finishes. We offer a colour matching service so if you see a colour you don’t like then we can make it for you.

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