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Kitchen Storage Solutions for Tall Kitchen Units

Make maximum use of your tall kitchen units by implementing some of our smart kitchen storage solutions. Designed and manufactured to provide easy access to all parts of your tall kitchen cabinets.


Space Tower

Featuring set of 5 internal drawers for ultimate storage capacity. Enables easy access to all three sides.


Convoy Premio

The contents glide out of the cupboard, moving directly towards you so that you can reach them from three sides.


Convoy Centro

Featuring free-floating shelves removing the conventional frame structure, allowing easy access from both sides.



Flexible solution providing a lot of storage with a very small footprint. Trays and baskets can be individually hung at heights to suit the contents.


Dispensa Swing

When it is fully pulled out, it can be rotated 90° on its own axis so that that either side can be turned to the front as required.



The intelligent pull-out technology draws the rear section automatically forwards, creating an impressive overview of easily accessible supplies.


Tandem Solo

One gentle pull opens the door and draws the fitting forward so that all the contents are in full view and easy reach.


Tandem Side

TANDEM side is a shelf that fits on a door. Simply opening the door provides direct and easy access to the contents.

Customisable and Designed to work with your Kitchen Decor

Choosing a new kitchen put a high priority on attractive and practical designs – and this applies also to the fittings inside the storage options.


Tray Options

Featuring six main styles which are metal basket, arena classic, arena style, arena vario, arena pure and arena select.

Our design variants ARENA classic and ARENA style, metal trays/baskets are used throughout – in larder pull-outs, and in corner, base and wall units.

ARENA Vario, developed especially to provide a wider choice of contemporary designs for larder pull-outs.

ARENA pure is puristic tray designs with flat metal sides. The new ARENA select trays are for TANDEM solo and CONVOY Premio.

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