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Drawer Kitchen Units – Hettich ArciTech and Blum Legrabox Drawer Systems

Bespoke made kitchen drawer units made out of high quality Egger MFC, featuring German Hettich ArciTech drawer system for soft close action and high durability.

On request we are also able to supply Blum LegraBox kitchen drawer units.

High build quality achieved by using cam & dowel construction method with solid 18mm backs, ABS edging & use of high quality drawer mechanism and hinges. Bespoke made so you can request any type of modification & customisation required.

Our kitchen drawer units are supplied fully assembled and we deliver to all parts of UK.

Drawer Kitchen Unit Types and Variations

Below are our drawer unit types and variations. Click on desired unit to view the available variations and learn about required drawer front sizes.


Two Pan Drawers

Most commonly used drawer base unit, available in widths from 500mm to 1000mm and height of 720mm excluding the plinth.

Two Pan Drawer


Three Pan Drawer – 1 Small 2 Medium

Three pan drawer unit with one small drawer and two medium depth drawers.

Three Pan Drawer – 1 Small 2 Medium


Three Pan Drawer – 2 Small 1 Deep

Three pan drawer unit with two small drawers and one deep drawer on the bottom.

Three Pan Drawer – 2 Small 1 Deep


Four Drawers Unit

Drawer unit with four equal size drawer fronts.

Four Drawer Unit


Four Drawer Pan

Four drawer unit with 3 small drawer fronts and one deep drawer.

Four Drawer Pan


Five Drawers

Consists of five same height drawer fronts.

Five Drawers


Double Pan Drawer Unit

Two small drawer fronts and two medium height drawers.

Double Pan Drawer


Low Level Drawer Unit

Reduced Height Drawer Unit

Low Level Drawer


Pan Drawer with Internal Cutlery Drawer

Double pan drawer unit with one internal cutlery tray drawer.

Pan Drawer with Cutlery Drawer

Hettich Drawers – High Quality German Hettich ArciTech Drawer System

When it comes to stability, durability and style our kitchen drawer units use Hettich Arcitech German drawer kitchen system. Available in choice of four different finishes which are anthracite, white, silver and champagne.

Hettich ArciTech drawer system provides our kitchen drawer units with impressive smooth running action and extraordinary stability.

ArciTech Drawer System by Hettich

When quality becomes an experience: ArciTech sets standards in the drawer.‎

Unequalled running action that speaks quality in high end furniture.‎

Exceptional stability for maximum creative flexibility in choosing front panel formats and materials and for furniture that brings lasting pleasure.‎ Incredibly broad product lineup based on a single platform, making it possible to set furniture apart and tailor it to consumer preferences.‎

Experience our ArciTech Drawer System

View below inspirational Hettich ArciTech collection of drawers.

Hettich ArciTech Drawer Collection

Four Different Finishes

We supply Hettich Arcitech drawers in four different finishes which are white, silver, metallic anthracite and champagne.

This enables you to personalise your drawer choice colour to better match your cabinet colour or doors used.

Side Options

We our standard drawer features rails but you can also upgrade to glass sides, solid sides as well as featured sides such as wood, coloured glass and unique decorative features.

This enables you to personalise your drawer sides even further.

Hettich Arcitech drawers allow you to create over 100 different side combinations.


Push to Open Silent System by Hettich

Our Hettich ArciTech drawers can be upgraded to create push to open drawers.

With easy installation of push to open cartridges our Hettich ArciTech drawers work like electro-mechanical that doesn’t require power supply. By pressing on the front, it opens a draw so far that further pulling is not necessary and closes it in soft movement.

Hettich ArciTech Internal Organisation and Storage

Internal Organisation by Hettich

We offer a wide selection for internal organisation of our Hettich ArciTech drawers.

This includes cutlery trays, drawer dividers, pot dividers, bins and much more.

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