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Smart Mechanisms – Create more Functional Kitchen

Kitchen mechanisms such as lift ups, push to open not only improve practicality of your kitchen but also create very modern and sophisticated kitchen space.

Blum Push to Open TIP ON - Push to Open System for Kitchen Doors

Push to Open

Push to open system for kitchen doors, drawers and appliances.

Blum Kitchen Lift Up System Explained

Lift Up Systems

Range of lift up and bi-fold solutions.

Pocked Door Systems in Kitchen

Pocket Door Systems

Helping you hide parts of your kitchen.


Step Systems

Access to hard to reach places.


Push to Open Systems

Push to open mechanisms enable you to open kitchen doors, drawers and appliances without handles. We offer both mechanical push to open solutions as well as electric powered solutions.

Lift Up Kitchen Solutions

Lift Up Kitchen Solutions

Lift up solutions are mainly used in wall units and as such allow you unrestricted movement throughout kitchen area. Lift up solutions can be used in combination with mechanical push to open system or can be electric powered making them super easy to use.

Kitchen Pocket Doors Systems

Kitchen Pocket Door Systems

With increase of open space living, kitchen pocket door systems hide less frequently used spaces creating seamless and clean looking kitchen area.

Once doors are open they are slid into pockets enabling you to access kitchen parts with ease.

Space Step Solution

Space Step

Create extra storage space behind plinths, provide easy access to wall cabinets. SPACE STEP not only allows you to use higher cabinets, but also creates extra storage space in the toe kick of base units. Two solutions rolled into one.

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