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Egger MFC – Egger Melamine Faced Chipboard

Our cabinets are available in over 99 Egger MFC finishes. Egger is a worlds leading manufacturer of high quality melamine faced board which we use as base material to construct our kitchen cabinets.

What we can do using Egger products?

Egger product selection allows us to get really creative. Below are some of the way we use Egger products.

Kitchen Unit in Egger MFC

Make Kitchen Units in over 99 Designs

Kitchen units don’t just have to be white or grey. We offer over 99 different textured designs. MFC provides great stability and moisture resistance hence making it most popular kitchen unit material.


Make Kitchen Doors in over 99 Designs

Highly textured and realistic depth of character and grain makes Egger MFC great choice material for modern and stylish kitchen doors.


Panels and Shelving

Use Egger laminate in combination with MDF to create thick panels and shelving. Co-ordinate your complete living space interior.

Highly Realist and Textured Designs

Realistic colours, designs and textures make Egger MFC a great construction material for our kitchen units. View some of the available textures below designed not only to look great but also to increase durability and performance of our kitchen units..

ST2 Smoothtouch Pearl

ST9 Smoothtouch Matt

ST10 Deepskin Rough

ST12 Omnipore Matt

ST15 Smoothtouch Velvet

ST16 Mineral Plaster

ST22 Deepskin Linear

ST28 Feelwood Nature

ST29 Feelwood Ambiance

ST33 Feelwood Crafted

ST36 Feelwood Brushed

ST37 Feelwood Rift

ST38 Feelwood Pinegrain

ST76 Mineral Rought

ST82 Mineral Granite

ST86 Deepskin Legno

ST87 Mineral Ceramic

ST89 Mineral Rock

Egger Company History

EGGER is a global family company founded in 1961 in Tyrol, Austria, where it is currently based. The company produces wood-based panel products.

Find out more by watching Egger Discover the power of more video.

Our Cabinets Collection

Explore our large collection of cabinet designs for your next kitchen project. Divided in four collections which are solids, light wood, dark wood and unique materials.

Kitchen Cabinets Collection in Solid Colours

Solid Colours

View our collection of cabinets in solid colours such as white, grey, cashmere and black.

Kitchen Cabinets Collection in Dark Wood Designs

Dark Wood

View our collection of cabinets in dark wood effect designs such as oak, wenge & walnut.

Kitchen Cabinet Collection in Light Wood Designs

Light and Medium Wood

View our collection of cabinets in light wood designs such as light oak, ash, larch and walnut.

Kitchen Cabinets in Unique Material Finishes

Unique Materials

View our collection of unique cabinets in finish such as concrete, textile, marble & metal.

Request a Sample

If you would like to order a sample of any of the listed designs email us on

Please note there is a cost of £6 per sample and up to 3 samples per order.

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