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Blum Drawers – Legrabox Drawer System

On request we are able to supply kitchen drawer units that use Blum Legrabox drawer system. Blum is worlds leading manufacturer of hinges, lift up systems and system runners such as drawers.

Legrabox drawer system by Blum features slim sides, outstanding slick design, silent opening and closing action, high stability and ability to handle heavy loads.

Legrabox Drawer System by Blum

Austrian manufactured Blum Legrabox drawer system features beautiful slim frame, blumotion S runner capable of handling three different motion technologies with single runner.

Available in fiver different finishes which are black, grey, silver, white and stainless steel.

Experience our Blum Legrabox Drawer System

View below inspirational Blum LegraBox collection of drawers.


Blum Legrabox Finishes & Styles

We are able to offer Legrabox Blum drawers in two types. LegraBox Pure has solid metal sides and LegraBox Free has glass/unique sides.

Each one comes in five different finishes which are terra black matt, orion grey matt, polar silver matt, silk white matt and stainless steel.

LegraBox Free Customisations

BLUMOTION S Runner – Drawer Runner with three motion technologies

BLUMOTION S Runnder offering three different motion technologies.


Pull-outs closed with an energetic push need an effective damping system. New BLUMOTION S delivers optimised soft close, so pull-outs close even more softly and effortlessly.


If you’d like even more convenience, opt for a mechanical system that gives you one-touch opening. The runner stays the same – just add the TIP-ON feature without tools.

Servo Drive

No hands free? No problem. SERVO-DRIVE delivers electric one-touch opening and soft and effortless closing.

Experience Ambia-Line Internal Organisation System for Blum LEGRABOX

Customisable, individual inner drawer diving system called Ambia-line.

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