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Kitchen Cabinet Colours – 112 Colours to Choose For your Kitchen Units

Our kitchen units are 100% bespoke made per your order. You can have your kitchen carcass units made in 112 designs. To make buying process of our kitchen units easier & clearer we have divided all the available designs in two price groups. Price Group 1 includes solid and wood effect designs. Price Group 2 includes large number of wood effect designs & some premium unique designs.

When purchasing our kitchen base units online remember to select corresponding price group to the design you have selected.

Price Group 1 – Solid & Wood Designs

Our Price Group 1 colours are more affordable than Price Group 2 colours. It contains both solid finishes & wood effect finishes.

Solid Colours

If you are going with a solid colour door then chances are you will selected one of the colours below for your kitchen carcasses.

Wood Effect Designs

If you are having a wood effect door or natural wood kitchen doors then chances are you will find a good match in the colours below.

Price Group 2 – Wood & Unique Designs

Our Price Group 2 selection contains premium wood effect and unique finishes.

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