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Kitchen Cabinet Colours – 99 Different Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Our kitchen units are 100% bespoke made per your order. You can have your kitchen carcass units made in 99 designs. If you are looking for dark wood, solid colour, light wood or unique material kitchen units we can help.

Our Cabinets Collection

Explore our large collection of cabinet designs for your next kitchen project. Divided in four collections which are solids, light wood, dark wood and unique materials.

Kitchen Cabinets Collection in Solid Colours

Solid Colours

View our collection of cabinets in solid colours such as white, grey, cashmere and black.

Kitchen Cabinets Collection in Dark Wood Designs

Dark Wood

View our collection of cabinets in dark wood effect designs such as oak, wenge & walnut.

Kitchen Cabinet Collection in Light Wood Designs

Light and Medium Wood

View our collection of cabinets in light wood designs such as light oak, ash, larch and walnut.

Kitchen Cabinets in Unique Material Finishes

Unique Materials

View our collection of unique cabinets in finish such as concrete, textile, marble & metal.

Best Selling Solid Colours

View our best selling solid kitchen cabinet units colours.


Light Grey


Cashmere Grey


Indigo Blue


Lava Grey

Best Selling Dark Wood Designs

View our best selling dark wood kitchen cabinet units designs.


Natural Dijon Walnut


Pasadena Pine


Anthracite Mountain Larch


Grey Santa Fe Oak

Best Selling Light and Medium Wood Designs

View our best selling light and medium wood kitchen cabinet units designs.




Sand Grey Glazed Oak


Natural Halifax Oak


Grey Bardolino Oak

Best Selling Unique Materials Designs

View our best selling unique materials kitchen cabinet units designs.


Silver Grey Metal Slate


Light Grey Chicago Concrete


Black Gold Metal Slate


White Chromix

Request a Sample

If you would like to order a sample of any of the listed designs email us on

Please note there is a cost of £6 per sample and up to 3 samples per order.

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