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Kitchen Base Units – High Quality Kitchen Base Units

Custom made kitchen base units are made out of high quality German Egger melamine faced chipboard, award winning soft close German Hettich or Blum hinges & colour matching ABS edging as standard.

What separates our kitchen units from competition is a high build quality achieved by using cam & dowel construction method, solid 18mm back, ABS edging & use of high quality drawer mechanism and hinges. Bespoke made so you can request any type of modification & customisation you require.

Our kitchen base units are supplied fully assembled and we deliver to majority parts of England mainland.

Kitchen Base Unit Types and Variations

Below are base kitchen unit types and variations. Click on desired unit to view the available variations.

Kitchen Base Units Collection

Highline Base Units

Most commonly used kitchen base unit, available in widths from 150mm to 1200mm and height of 720mm excluding the plinth.

Highline Base Units

Kitchen Base Unit Drawerline Collection

Drawerline Base Units

Kitchen base units with functional or dummy drawer on top and normal compartment on bottom.

Drawerline Base Units


Drawerline Base Units – One full Drawer and two doors

Kitchen base units with single functional or dummy drawer that spans the whole width of unit.

Drawerline Base Units – Full Drawer


Low Level Base Unit

Kitchen base unit with reduced height. 575mm high excluding the plinth.

Low Level


Corner Base Units

Kitchen units designed to be placed in corners. Includes straight, l-shaped and curved fronts.

Corner Base Unit


Oven/Microwave Housing Base Units

Kitchen unit that features rack in which oven or microwave can be placed.

Oven/Microwave Housing


Open Base Units

Open base units with no doors and open view to the inside of the cabinet.

Open Base Units


Curved and Angled Base Units

Curved and Angled Kitchen Base Units often found at end of kitchen runs.

Curved & Angled Base Units


Open End Base Units

Made out of cabinet material and often found on exposed ends of kitchen runs.

Open End Base Units


Wine Rack Base Units

Designed to house wine bottles. Only available in 150mm widths and made out of cabinet material.

Wine Rack Base Units

Kitchen Sink Units

Sink Base Units

Designed to house your skin with special reduced height back for easy plumbing access.

Sink Base Units

Solid Back & Solid Top & Matching ABS Edging

Our 18mm kitchen carcasses are extremely strong & rigid as they both come with 18mm solid backs and 18mm solid tops. By having solid backs and solid tops our kitchen carcasses are one of the top quality carcasses you can purchase in the UK.

To further improve quality of our carcass we supply our kitchen cabinets with matching ABS edging as standard.

Custom Made Kitchen Units with Solid Top

Award Winning Hettich or Blum Hinges

Choose between award winning Hettich or Blum for a superior hinge choice. With either choice, you can be confident of high quality, longevity & style.
At Two Tone kitchens, we only use proven manufacturers to supply us with the high quality components needed to ensure our cabinets stay cutting edge and withstand test of time.

All of our hinges provide you with soft close kitchen door action.

Custom Made Kitchen Units with Soft Close German Hinges

Cam & Dowel or Glue & Dowel Construction

Choose between cam & dowel or glue & dowel build type. Cam & dowel build uses screws to keep the carcass together. Glue & dowel construction uses adhesive that keeps the carcass together and there are no visible fixings on the outside.

Glue & dowel is technique favored by European manufacturers where cam & dowel is more popular in the UK.

Cam & Doweled Construction - Custom Made Kitchen Unit

Wall Hanging Brackets

Wall hanging brackets are used to attach kitchen wall units to the wall. We use high quality wall hanging brackets that are adjustable and also concealed. This means they are not visible when you open the wall unit.

Made out of stainless steel our wall hanging brackets are solid and will never let you down.

Wall Units Mounting Brackets

High Quality Soft Close Drawers

Choose between Blum or Hettich high quality drawers with soft close as standard.

Our drawers are fully extendable meaning you can reach even the further item in the drawer.

Providing luxurious running action and exceptional stability, our innovative drawers options are one of the best in the UK market. Not only do they look great but can also last for years, carry the weights of over 40kg and totally silent.

High Quality Drawers
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