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Kitchen Units – Made to Measure Kitchen Cabinets

All of our kitchen units are made to measure and fully customisable. Our kitchen units are made out of high quality 18mm Egger MFC, edged with matching ABS edging with German quality Blum or Hettich mechanisms, adjustable legs, 18mm solid backs and tops & 50mm voids.

Choose from over 99 cabinet colours and as each cabinet is bespoke made, customise your cabinet sizes to suit even the most challenging kitchen areas.

Our cabinets are delivered free of charge to any part of UK and our cabinets arrive fully assembled to your home address.

Why choose our Kitchen Units for your next project?

View below just some of the reasons why you could consider our kitchen units for your next project.

Egger MFC Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Units made out of Egger MFC

Egger MFC

Made out of high quality Egger MFC.

Kitchen Units with Hettich Arcitech Drawers

Hettich Drawers

Award Winning Hettich Arcitech German Drawers & Hinges.

Kitchen Units with Blum Legrabox Drawers

Blum Drawers

Blum Legrabox Drawers & Hinges.


Over 120 Designs and Colours

Available in over 120 solid colour, wood effect and textured designs.

Made to Measure Kitchen Units

Made to Measure

Each cabinet is bespoke made and available in non standard sizes.

Kitchen Units with Smart Mechanisms

Smart Mechanisms

Wide range of lift up, bi-fold and push to open solutions.

Kitchen Units with Smart Storage Options

Smart Storage

Increase storage and maximise your kitchen space.

Kitchen Units with Internal Organisation

Internal Organisation

Organise your kitchen in a smart way.

Kitchen Units Types and Buy Online

Find out about different types of units and get an idea of the cost of each unit.

Available in 112 Designs & Colours


Solid Colours – 36 – Price Group One


Wood Designs – 28 Group One & 48 Group Two Designs

28 Group One Designs – Price Group 1

48 Group Two Designs – Price Group 2

Smart Kitchen Storage Options

Add some of the kitchen storage solutions below to increase practical aspect of your kitchen while in same time achieving better organisation.

Kitchen Storage Option - Space Tower

Space Tower

Five internal draws inside of tall unit.

Kitchen Storage Option - Convoy


Moves directly towards you as you open the door.

Kitchen Storage Option - Larder Pullout


Easily accessible from both sides.

Kitchen Storage Option - Tandem


Accessible on both doors and inside of cabinet.

Kitchen Storage - Bottle Pullout

Bottle Pullout

Low high easy to access bottle storage.

Kitchen Storage - Magic Corner

Magic Corner

Enables access to hard to reach places in the corner unit.

Kitchen Storage Lemans Corner

Le Mans

Swings out and allows access to hard to reach places in the corner unit.

Kitchen Storage - Internal Bins

Internal Bins

Hide your waste inside cabinet.

Kitchen Storage - Organisational Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers

Organise your drawers with drawer dividers.

Kitchen Storage - iMove Wall Unit Pulldown


Helps you reach into the wall units.

Kitchen Storage - Towel Rail

Towel Rail

Hides your frequently used cloths.

Kitchen Storage - Turnomotion Easy Wall Unit Access


Rotational motion inside wall unit for easy access.

Solid Back & Solid Top & Matching ABS Edging

Our 18mm kitchen carcasses are extremely strong & rigid as they both come with 18mm solid backs and 18mm solid tops. By having solid backs and solid tops our kitchen carcasses are one of the top quality carcasses you can purchase in the UK.

To further improve quality of our carcass we supply our kitchen cabinets with matching ABS edging as standard.

Custom Made Kitchen Units with Solid Top

Award Winning Hettich or Blum Hinges

Choose between award winning Hettich or Blum for superior hinge choice. With choice of either, you can be confident of high quality, longevity & style.
At Two Tone kitchens we only use proven manufacturers to supply us with the high quality components needed to ensure our cabinets stay cutting edge and withstand the test of time.

All of our hinges provide you with soft close kitchen door action.

Custom Made Kitchen Units with Soft Close German Hinges

Cam & Dowel or Glue & Dowel Construction

Choose between cam & dowel or glue & dowel build type. Cam & dowel build uses screws to keep the carcass together. Glue & dowel construction uses adhesive that keeps the carcass together and there are no visible fixings on the outside.

Glue & dowel is technique favored by European manufacturers where cam & dowel is more popular in the UK.

Cam & Doweled Construction - Custom Made Kitchen Unit

Wall Hanging Brackets

Wall hanging brackets are used to attach kitchen wall units to the wall. We use high quality wall hanging brackets that are adjustable and also concealed. This means they are not visible when you open the wall unit.

Made out of stainless steel our wall hanging brackets are solid and will never let you down.

Wall Units Mounting Brackets

High Quality Soft Close Drawers

Choose between Blum or Hettich high quality drawers with soft close as standard.

Our drawers are fully extendable meaning you can reach even the further item in the drawer.

Providing luxurious running action and exceptional stability, our innovative drawers options are one of the best in the UK market. Not only do they look great but can also last for years, carry the weights of over 40kg and totally silent.

High Quality Drawers

High Quality Cabinets

Our kitchen cabinets really can stand the test of time and offer a quality that far exceeds expectations.

Some of the features that make our kitchen cabinets stand out are 18mm solid back panel, 18mm solid tops free of charge, ability to choose between cam & dowel or glue & dowel construction, award winning German Hettich or Blum mechanisms and ability to customise kitchen units to your requirements.

Our kitchen cabinets also feature 50mm void and 150mm adjustable legs.

High Quality Kitchen Carcasses
Hand Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Hand Assembled & Quality Checked

Our kitchen cabinets are fully assembled and quality checked by experienced cabinet makers.

This ensures that you only receive kitchen cabinets of highest quality and free of any defects or issues.

Once the cabinet has been assembled it is fully cardboard wrapped and ready for delivery to your home address.

Cabinet deliveries are carried out by use of dedicated transport vehicles.

High Quality Production

Our cabinets are manufactured by use of proven high quality automated machinery> to ensure millimeter accurate precision and quality.

Production facilities include CNC machines, beam saws, table saws, edgebanders, drills & most of all experienced machine technicians.

To ensure fast delivery times large amount of Egger MFC boards are fully stocked and ready for production.

Typical lead times for kitchen cabinets is between 10-14 days.

Kitchen Cabinets Machinery
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