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Plywood Kitchen Doors – Painted Plywood Kitchen Doors

Unique plywood kitchen doors painted in any colour of your choice. Available in range of door styles such as 45 degree chamfered tops and also a closed J pull profile.

Door edges and panels are exposed in clear lacquered plywood creating sophisticated modern door that creates impression of old style craftsmanship.

True combination of ultra modern door with traditional twist.

Highly Unique Kitchen Style

Plywood doors are entirely new to the market. The exposed plywood core creates a feel of truly bespoke kitchen which is hand crafted for your living space.

Hand painted in any colour of your choice enables you to create kitchen in any colour of your choice. Find colour inspirations in Farrow & Ball swatch of any colour swatch of your choice.

Create highly unique kitchen that combines best of modern handleless style with traditional feel.

Handleless Plywood Kitchen Doors Painted

Coordinated Open Plan Design

Use our plywood kitchen doors to create coordinated open plan kitchen design which really makes your kitchen stand out.

Don’t be hesitant in using two different finishes and find the right balance between two contrasting colours. This creates kitchen design that is personalised to your requirements and creates harmonious kitchen decor.

Image on the right shows black and blue colour in combination with great white.

Modern Plywood Kitchen Design

True Handleless Plywood Kitchen

Available in three door our plywood doors can have slab format, 45 degree chamfered edge or close J profile for tall doors.

We are also able to insert plywood strip into the cabinet and when used in conjunction with 45 degree chamfered edge profile this creates true handleless kitchen.

Combine with solid oak dovetail drawers to create truly classical British crafted kitchen.

Unique Handleless Plywood Kitchen Doors

Some of the Colours Available

Available in 21 stocked colour with option to choose any colour you desire.

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