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Best Value – Egger Zoom MFC Kitchen Doors

Our Best Value kitchen door range, consists of over 150 designs in both solid and wood grain designs. This versatile collection of kitchen doors is made from Egger Zoom MFC collection.

What makes our Best Value kitchen doors collection unique is the abundant choice of designs, made to measure element, availability and competitive price. Another unique feature of this collection is the ability to color co-ordinate your kitchen door with kitchen furniture.

View our inspiring collection of solid, dark wood, light wood, premium wood & exotic kitchen doors below.

Best Value Kitchen Doors Collection

Split into 6 individual collections our Best Value range is the largest affordable kitchen doors collection online.

Best Value Solid Colours Egger MFC Kitchen Doors Collection

Solid Colours

Great choice for subtle and warm kitchen decors. Available in 32 single tone colours in both light and dark shades.

Dark Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors

Dark Wood Grain Collection

Dark wood effect collection consisting of 18 dark wood grain effects. Great choice for strong contrasting two tone combinations.

Best Value Rustic Wood Grain MFC Kitchen Doors

Rustic Wood Grain Collection

All the imperfections of natural wood is what make this collection perfect. If you love the natural look of timber then this collection is for you.

Light Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors

Light Wood Grain Collection

Most popular European light wood designs are featured in this collection. Most subtle and least intrusive wood grain designs.

Premium Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors

Premium Wood Grain Collection

Unique collection of premium wood grain design featuring 43 design options. Features wood effect designs from all over the world.

Exotic Wood Grain Best Value MFC Kitchen Doors Collection

Exotic Wood Collection

Most exotic and premium looking collection of wood effect kitchen doors. If you are looking for wood effect designs that really stick out then this collection is for you.

“Our Best Selling Single Colour Kitchen Doors”

View our four best selling single tone kitchen doors.

“Our Best Selling Dark Wood Kitchen Doors”

View our four best selling dark wood kitchen doors.

“Our Best Selling Rustic Wood Kitchen Doors”

View our four best selling dark wood kitchen doors.

“Our Best Selling Light Wood Kitchen Doors”

View our four best selling light wood kitchen doors.

“Our Best Selling Premium Wood Kitchen Doors”

View our four best selling premium wood kitchen doors.

“Our Best Selling Exotic Wood Kitchen Doors”

View our four best selling exotic wood kitchen doors.

“Kitchen Doors with Realistic Textured Touch and Depth”

Textured finishes on our best value kitchen doors gives decors more depth and add realism to door fronts, bringing them closer to the real material, whether that’s solid wood, veneer, stone or solid matt or high gloss colour.

What is Egger Zoom MFC Collection?

Egger MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) is constructed from a decorative printed paper covering a chipboard core. This is a pre-bonded finished material, which requires no further fabrication except edging.

MFC allows you to offer the look and feel of veneers and lacquered kitchen doors without the premium price. MFC is the ideal material for kitchen doors as we can produce made to measure sizes with very short lead times. It is also idea for customers who are looking for the premium look on a smaller budget.

Available for delivery to your address in less than 10 days.

Modern Kitchen Made out of Egger Zoom MFC
Egger MFC Modern House Furniture

Durable & Versatile Material

MFC is a very durable and versatile material and can be used in all parts of your home decor. Using Egger Zoom laminate collection we can create panels/shelves of any thickness or any other household furniture that will match design of your selected kitchen doors.

This enables you to get very creative with your room designs and achieve that all in one open look without breaking the bank.

We can create household furniture, design matching kitchen cabinets, sushi bar worktops, custom sized panels and much more..

Kitchen Door Replacements & Commercial Projects

Our Best Value kitchen doors are a great choice for kitchen door replacements. Flexibly of our range allows us to create made to measure doors in a short lead time as MFC boards are fully stocked in the UK.

This particular collection is also suitable for commercial projects as it offers premium look while being competitive on the price.

Whether you are looking for a kitchen doors for your own house, commercial or rented property consider our best value kitchen door collection.

MFC Kitchen Door Replacements and Kitchen Doors for Commercial Projects

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