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Concrete Kitchen Doors

Concrete kitchen doors create a timeless appearance, minimally intrusive decor & beautiful texture. Concrete material created the foundation of modern architectural era and as such has increasingly gained popularity in kitchen environments.

Our collection of concrete kitchen doors are made by concrete being hand applied to the front and sides which creates perfect hand applied textured front and patterns.

Available in 6 unique and subtle colour-ways and made to measure for ultimate design flexibility.

Unique Pattern & Texture

The kitchen door fronts of our new La Béton concrete range have a genuine hand applied concrete surface. With each swipe of the hand unique pattern & texture is created.

Concrete is a material that withstands test of time, has subtle appearance & is a building block of modern world, making it a great choice for your modern kitchen.

Unique Pattern & Texture of Ceramic Kitchen Doors

Modern Design & Two Tone Combinations

With 6 designs available in our concrete kitchen range, you can create spectacular two tone combinations. Being a 100% kitchen range you can choose wide range of extra premium detailing door options.

Choose our La Béton to create your dream true handleless kitchen.

Modern Design Options using Two Tone Combinations
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