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In order to be truly great kitchen designers, we have opted to work with suppliers that can provide us with full custom made kitchen products, without any compromises.

Our collections of made to measure kitchen doors, together with custom made kitchen units, gives our talented designers and customers ultimate freedom when it comes to the design of your kitchen.

In order to create your dream kitchen, we listen to your requirements and combine your visions with our passion to create a design that really works for you and your lifestyle.

As passionate kitchen designers, we believe its our duty to come up with the most visually pleasing designs without compromising on the functionality of the kitchen and where the final choice of materials and colours is entirely yours.

“Creative 3D Kitchen Designs”

Here at Two Tone Kitchens we provide an advanced 3D kitchen design service where we design your kitchen to even the smallest details.
View some of our ultra realistic kitchen designs below.

Kitchen Planning and Layout Services

Kitchen Planning and Layout

When it comes to planning your kitchen we start with a blank piece of paper. Our designers will then listen to your ideas to carefully come up with a kitchen layout that works for you and that finds the right balance in the room space available.

Our clients then advise us on their preferred kitchen style and decide between modern, traditional or combination of those two kitchen styles.

Depending on the style choice, we then look at the functional part of your kitchen such as appliances, storage mechanisms, lighting & worktop options.

Design & Materials

Once our designers have come up with your desired kitchen layout, we then look at the kitchen door materials & door types available to you.

Our designers will offer you technical explanations on what what makes each kitchen door collection different as well as give you an accurate indication of the cost per single kitchen door.

Once you have selected the kitchen door type or kitchen door material that both appeals to you in visual and financial aspect, our kitchen designers will proceed to create a 3D visual representation of your kitchen using the latest kitchen design software.

Kitchen Design and Materials
Kitchen Design Visualisation - High Definition Kitchen Renders

Visualisation & Colours

To help you fully visualise your new kitchen design and kitchen layout with your desired kitchen door choice, our designers create a hyper realistic 3D kitchen render. Our continued investment into kitchen design software allows us to produce high quality 3D rendering images which allow you to preview exactly how your new kitchen will look.

At this point you can preview the colour balances, the layouts and complete kitchen decor together with worktops, appliances and lighting.

To further assist our customers in the preview of their new kitchen we also provide high definition ultra realistic render services if required.

Technical & Functional Design Approval

Once you are happy with the visual kitchen design created, we then look at the small details which add to the functionality of your kitchen. This includes small accessories, storage mechanisms, worktop, splashback and lighting options.

At this stage technical design drawings and visuals are analysed by our technical design team who will advise on lead times, as well as carry out a technical survey and technical approval of the plan.

Kitchens Technical Design and Approval
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