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Kitchen Appliances – Functional Part of your Kitchen

Kitchen appliances are designed to assist us with everyday chores and enhance the all important cooking experience. When choosing kitchen appliances, consider your lifestyle requirements. If you find that you are often preparing more than one dish in the same time, then choosing to have two ovens in your kitchen is a good choice.

Our choice of appliances includes Siemens, Miele, Neff, AEG, Bosh & Smeg as well as, well-known price competitive brands.

Miele Kitchen Appliances

Miele premium domestic appliances are designed, tested and engineered to last for up to 20 years.

Online Siemens Appliances Collection

Siemens Kitchen Appliances

Innovation and style define Siemens kitchen appliances. View our full range of Siemens appliances.

Our Guide to Kitchen Appliances

Find out more about the type of appliances that you can have in your kitchen.

Kitchen Ovens Collection

Ovens – Single & Double

Integrated into kitchen cabinets, choose between single or double oven. Option to choose electric or gas oven.

Kitchen Hobs Collection

Hobs – Gas & Electric

Hobs fit directly into your worktop surface with choice between gas or electric hob.

Kitchen Extractors Collection

Extractors – Chimney Hoods, Island Hoods & Downdraft Extractors

Extractors keep your kitchen air clean by sucking in fumes and grease from everyday cooking.

Range Cookers Collection

Range Cookers – Dual, Gas & Electric

Ultimate cooking machines with several independent ovens that allow you to prepare more than one meal at a time.

Dishwasher Collection

Dishwashers – Freestanding & Integrated

Designed to assist with dish washing chores, modern dishwashers are very water and energy efficient.

Wine Coolers Collection

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers keep your favourite wines at a cool temperature as well as providing additional storage in your kitchen.

Washing Machine Collection

Washing Machines

Found in every kitchens or utility rooms washing machines are necessary part of modern household.

Microwaves Collection


Ideal for ready to go meals and fast pace lifestyle. Can be both freestanding and integrated.

Appliances Brands – Our Most Popular Kitchen Worktop Brands

We partnered with worlds leading appliances brands to ensure our customers only receive highest quality kitchen appliances.

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